It was our intention to launch the first edition of Military Monitoring World – a new digital publication focusing on the military aviation and radio hobby scene at the end of this month.

We have been working away in the background on content and putting workflows into place for future issues, as well as assigning key roles to well-known people within the hobby across the Globe.

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty which lies ahead both short and long term, we have made the decision to focus all of our attentions on our online content including our blog, social media feeds and also upcoming Podcasts. We will continue to consider adding a regular digital eMagazine to our portfolio in the future, however for the moment that concept has been filed.

There remains the possibility of some one off special eMagazine type publications in the coming months, however for the time being we feel our focus should be directed towards our online content.

But what will this looks like? It will, all things going to plan, look like regular blog posts and features which will include trip reports, deployment information, key features on specific aircraft and facilities, equipment reviews and a host of other content produced by our editorial team, and also contributed by you, the people who are engrained in the hobby scene.

We hope this new approach will continue to provide a renewed enthusiasm in the military aviation and radio hobby scene, provide up to date information and content and generate positive discussions about ongoing global affairs and historic events as they unfold.

We would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and interest in Military Monitoring World and we hope you continue to follow and engage with our social media feeds, digital content and the military aviation and radio hobby.

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