Following our recent posts on the Black Knight Air Antenna we have received several questions surrounding how the antenna inflates and how easy it is to set up.

Rather than trying to explain how quick and easy the Black Knight Antenna is to use we decided to escape the office and venture into the back garden to show everyone with a quick video. As you can see the antenna can easily be deployed in under a minute and that was only using one hand while filming and takes only two short breaths to fully inflate.

The portability of the antenna system is clear as well as it unpacks from its carry case and can easily be stored in your car, camera bag or backpack when venturing to your local airfield, attending an airshow or indeed heading into the hills for some low flying photography.

As our offices are based in Scotland we are currently still under strict lockdown but we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use the Black Knight Antenna operationally once lockdown is eased and flying operations start to increase back to some level of normality.

For further details on the Black Knight Air Antenna visit

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